Pre Holi Party

iTV Foundation organized a Pre-holi party to play ecofriendly Holi, on 16th March a week before the festival with around 70 children at Sai Kripa, a Noida based shelter home.

With a mission to spread love and joy amongst these children, iTV Foundation arranged a special programme to celebrate the festival, where these kids got a chance to express their creativity during the programme, these children showed some immense talent during some special activities of painting, singing, dancing, poem recitation and storytelling. iTV Foundation team also felicitated some of these talented children with surprise gifts.

While these children, celebrated the festival, they also got a chance to express their thoughts and feelings on canvas while putting colorful hand imprints.

During the event, iTV Foundation team distributed snack boxes to all the NGO children. Both the children and iTV Foundation’s Team enjoyed themselves.

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